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Town Mayor

The Town Mayor for the Year 2016/17 is COUNCILLOR SHABIR AHMED.

The Town Mayor is invited to attend local events and functions within the parish. This is done to support the local community, local charities and to promote the Town as a visitor attraction and to mark special occasions or events. This may involve opening an event, making a short speech or perhaps presenting awards or prizes.

Some events are not appropriate for the Mayor (in chains of office) to attend. These may include;-

  • overtly political functions/events,
  • supporting a controversial event (unless this is supported by Council),
  • anything likely to bring the Office of Mayor or the Council into disrepute
  • appearing for money or gratuities
  • commercial events where there is no obvious benefit to the people of the Town.

If you wish to book the Mayor for an event, please contact the Town Clerk, or alternatively if you know the full details of the event, please complete the Mayoral Booking Form and send to the details given on the form.

The latest Mayor's report is below, where you can also search for previous reports. We welcome your comments and feedback using the form provided in each report.

Chairman’s Report #12  »  Mayor's Report - 2015/16 (31 March 2016)    (31 March, 2016)

The Mayor for 2015/16 was Councillor Javaid Akhtar, and the Deputy Mayor was Councillor Gary Pedley.

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