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Mayor's Charity

The Keighley Town Mayor’s Charitable Trust was set-up by Keighley Town Council in June 2015. The Trustees are appointed from Keighley Town Council for a four year term. The Charitable Trust is a seperate entity to Keighley Town Council. The inaugural meeting took place on Thursday 05 November 2015.

Town Mayor’s Chosen Charity for 2018/19

The Town Mayor’s chosen charity for 2018/19 isChildren’s Ward in Airedale Hospital as his charity along with a Town Mayor’s Charity Fund which will provide small grants to local groups, charities and voluntary organisations across Keighley.

For help with fund raising for this worthwhile cause or donations, please get in touch with the Town Mayor Councillor Ahmed on 07814 027903. Cheques for donations can be made payable to ‘Keighley Town Mayor’s Charity’.

Charitable Trust Board Members

The Trustee Board Members appointed are:

  • Councillor Julie Adams (Chair)
  • Councillor Mohammed Nazam (Board Member + Town Mayor)
  • Councillor Shabir Ahmed (Outgoing Town Mayor to May 2018)
  • Councillor Amjid Ahmed
  • Councillor Javaid Akhtar
  • Councillor Michael Westerman

The Trustee board would welcome volunteers to assist with fund raising and furthering the Mayor’s Charity objectives. Volunteers must not vote on any matters but may make representations to the Trustees. To view minutes and agendas of the Charitable Trust, please click on the link below.

Annual Accounts (0b)  Mayors Charitable Trust Documents

Members Code of Conduct

Keighley Town Councillors appointed to board, must observe the Keighley Town Council Members’Code of Conduct at all times. The code applies to elected Members and voting co-opted Members of Keighley Town Council in all aspects of their public life. This means that the Council expects Members to follow the Code when they are conducting the work of the Council, representing the Council on any external organisation and otherwise acting in their official capacity. The Code of Conduct does not apply to what Members do in their purely private and personal lives. To view the Keighley Town Council Members’Code of Conduct, please click here.

Keighley Town Council Financial Regulations (applicable to the activities of the Charity)

Where the Council is sole trustee of a Charitable body, the RFO shall maintain seperate accounts of funds held on trust and make seperate financial reports in such form as appropriate, in accordance with the Charity Law or as determined by the Charity Commission. The RFO shall arrange for any audit or independant examination as may be required by Charity Law or any other Governing Document. Subject to this, these Regulations will apply to the activities of the Charity. To view the Council’s Financial Regulations, please click here.