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   UP Program approved by Council    24 January, 2019

The Town Council formally approved the finance for the UP program with only two abstentions from Cllrs Amjid Ahmed and Javaide Akhtar so we are now set to help hundreds of school children with the cost of a school uniform from 2019.

As a Council we can change things for the better, we can make a positive difference to many children’s lives in Keighley, help them reach their full potential, not by education that’s not our remit, but by enabling them to go to school attend classes and more importantly be the same as the rest, remove the stigma and potential as a target and be on a level playing field with friends who’s families can afford a school uniform.

Despite community involvement, charitable giving, and other forms of economic balancing, there are always families who struggle to put their children into school uniform for a myriad of reasons and circumstances beyond their control.

Punishing a child by removing them from a school because of an inability to afford a uniform is ridiculous and goes against the principals of equal learning opportunities. Schools are trying to ensure that their pupils are properly attired but that can mean diverting funds from the main budget this means that there is less money to spend on books, stationary and teaching aids so with this scheme all pupils benefit.


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