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Many Town Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Click here for Council Meeting dates and Minutes and Agendas.

Click here to access the Town Council's Statutory Documents.

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Name  Size  Type
Accounts (25.7MB) Accounts 25.7MB Folder
Allotments (32KB) Allotments 32KB Folder
Annual Town Meeting (108KB) Annual Town Meeting 108KB Folder
Archived Minutes and Agendas (14.8MB) Archived Minutes and Agendas 14.8MB Folder
Caretaker Vacancy (232.5KB) Caretaker Vacancy 232.5KB Folder
Cleaner Vacancy (222KB) Cleaner Vacancy 222KB Folder
Co-option Application Pack (205.6KB) Co-option Application Pack 205.6KB Folder
Committee List (165.8KB) Committee List 165.8KB Folder
Community Development (856.3KB) Community Development 856.3KB Folder
Deputy Town Clerk Vacancy (101KB) Deputy Town Clerk Vacancy 101KB Folder
Elections (91.7KB) Elections 91.7KB Folder
Events (559.9KB) Events 559.9KB Folder
Events Listing (161.7KB) Events Listing 161.7KB Folder
Grant Application Documents (5.4MB) Grant Application Documents 5.4MB Folder
Grit Bin (145.6KB) Grit Bin 145.6KB Folder
Mayors Charitable Trust - Documents (1.9MB) Mayors Charitable Trust - Documents 1.9MB Folder
Mayors Reports (5.9MB) Mayors Reports 5.9MB Folder
Meetings Schedule (135.6KB) Meetings Schedule 135.6KB Folder
Miscellaneous (437.3KB) Miscellaneous 437.3KB Folder
Newsletters (41.3MB) Newsletters 41.3MB Folder
Parish Charter (127.9KB) Parish Charter 127.9KB Folder
Public Consultation - Keighley Civic Centre (4.6MB) Public Consultation - Keighley Civic Centre 4.6MB Folder
Public Meeting (751.7KB) Public Meeting 751.7KB Folder
Remembrance Day - Order of Service (1.3MB) Remembrance Day - Order of Service 1.3MB Folder
Social Media (239.4KB) Social Media 239.4KB Folder
Statutory Documents (152.4MB) Statutory Documents 152.4MB Folder
Town Mayor (154.5KB) Town Mayor 154.5KB Folder
Town Plan (2.2MB) Town Plan 2.2MB Folder
Vacancies (192.4KB) Vacancies 192.4KB Folder
Volunteering (182.6KB) Volunteering 182.6KB Folder
Notice of Vacancy - Woodhouse and Hainworth (Clerk Copy).pdf (45.8KB) Notice of Vacancy - Woodhouse and Hainworth (Clerk Copy).pdf 45.8KB Adobe Acrobat Document